Voices of ERSA, Upcoming events and Calls 2020, Publications by members and Vacancies

Voices of ERSA, Upcoming events and Calls 2020, Publications by members and Vacancies


31 January 2020 – Nr 2


The issue contains:

·    Voices of ERSA

·    Upcoming Events Agendas

·    ERSA Members publish

·    Vacancies


Foreword from the President


Dear Members, Dear Colleagues,


This month, we are delighted to start with our new «ERSA Voices» Video Series gathering interviews of outstanding regional scientists in Europe and beyond. The two first ones are eminent scholars, Andrés Rodrígues-Pose and Eveline van Leeuwen. We invite you to watch the short videos and be inspired by our colleagues’ fantastic careers development, current research topics and their experience with ERSA network.


I am impressed with the huge amount of impactful research contributions of many of our colleagues. Our ERSA-RSAI network of regional scientists worldwide proves to be an essential partner for those who want to produce rich research results dealing with hot topics.


In this respect, ERSA upcoming agenda including the 60th ERSA Congress as well as ERSA Sections’ rich agendas offers many opportunities to learn, share and propose concrete smart, green and social solutions to make a better world for all!


Last but not least, last Thursday was the kick-off meeting of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2020 #Euregionsweek, ERSA is proud to collaborate in University Sessions Programme. Stay tuned to our website for more information to propose your Special Session ideas and get an impact at EU level.


Looking forward to exchanging with you!


André Torre,

ERSA President


Voices of ERSA


» The European Regional Science Association (#ERSA) has not only provided me with the right environment to thrive professionally, but also with a great and very welcoming community of people. many of whom have become good personal friends«. Andrés Rodríguez-Pose


«For a sustainable #circularsociety we need optimal #spatial solutions, #urbanrural networks and more insights in the #behaviour of a wide range of stakeholders. Great challenges for Regional Scientists »

Eveline van Leeuwen


Upcoming Events


>>> On ERSA Agenda


REGIO-ERSA Academic Lecture

Regional development theories and formalised economic approaches: an evolving relationship

5 March 2020, Brussels, Belgium

Speaker: Prof. Roberta Capello, Politecno di Milano

Discussant: Dr. Martin Andersson, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Registration is open! more


ERSA Summer School 2020

Regions in transition, what implications for tourism and manufacturing?

14-19 June 2020, University of Lausanne, Sion site, Switzerland

Application Submission Deadline: 6 March 2020



60th ERSA Congress 2020

Territorial Futures

25-28 August 2020, Bolzano│Bozen, Italy

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 2 March 2020



>>> On ERSA Sections’ Agendas


German speaking Section: Winter Seminar 2020 of the Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung

15-22 February 2020, Matrei in Osttirol, Austria



French speaking Section: Doctoral Student Conference 2020 of ASRDLF

26-28 February 2020, University of Artois, Arras, France



Slovak Section: 10th Central European Winter Seminar in Regional Science

11-14 March 2020, Slovakia

Keynote speakers:

Eveline van Leeuwen, Wageningen University

Katarzyna Kopczewska, University of Warsaw

Registration deadline: 28 February 2020



Portugese Section: 25th APDR Workshop

16 April 2020, Portugal

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 31 January 2020



Croatian Section: International Summer School 2020

29 June – 3 July 2020, Split, Croatia



French speaking Section: 57th ASRDLF Colloquium

30 June-2 July 2020, Avignon University, France

Application deadline: 5 April 2020

Application deadline for Young researchers Grants: Before 5 April 2020

Application deadline for Young Researcher Prize 2020: 15 May 2020



German speaking Section: 11th Summer Conference in Regional Science

2-3 July 2020, Braunschweig, Germany



British and Irish Section: 48th Annual Conference

7-9 July, 2020, Stirling, United Kingdom



Portugese Section: 27th APDR Congress

9-10 July 2020, Portugal

Special Session Proposal Deadline: 29 February 2020

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 31 January 2020



Italian Section: AISRe XLI Annual Scientific Conference, Lecce, Italy

2-4 September 2020

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 5 March 2020



>>> Other Events


RHEGION United Nations 2020-2030

25-26 May 2020, Regiio Calabria, Italy (Event)

1-5 June 2020, Reggio Calabria, Italy (Workshop)

The event is supported by AISRe the Italian Section of ERSA.

Submission deadline: 15 January 2020



23rd Uddevalla Symposium 2020

11-13 June 2020, Sweden

Abstracts submission deadline: 28 January, 2020

This event is supported by ERSA



3rd European Rural Geographies Conference

Rural Geographies in Transition

22-24 June 2020, Groningen, The Netherlands



See more events


ERSA Members Publish


Governance and Political Entrepreneurship in Europe. Promoting Growth and Welfare in Times of Crisis


Charlie Karlsson, Jönköping University and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Charlotte Silander, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Edward Elgar, 2018 – Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 275 8



Geography, Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Urban Gråsjö,University West, Sweden

Charlie Karlsson, Jönköping University and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Iréne Bernhard, University West, Sweden

Edward Elgar, 2018 – Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 989 5



Globalization, International Spillovers and Sectoral Changes. Implications for Regions and Industries.


Charlie Karlsson, Jönköping University and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Andreas P. Cornett, University of Southern Denmark

Tina Wallin, Jönköping University, Sweden

Edward Elgar, 2018 Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 247 6



New publications to share?

Your are member of the ERSA Community and you have recently published a book, grasp this opportunity to inform us about it. We are looking for

·    Books published in 2019-2020

·    Written in English

Send an email to


Loking for opportunities to boost your carrier?

·    English-languaged PhD Programme – Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies (BGTS). Deadline: 31 January of each year

·    Internship Programme – The OECD Trento Centre. Deadline: 1 February, 1 June and 1 October 2020

·    Postdoctor Research Fellow – The University of Stavanger. Deadline: 1 February 2020

·    Lecturship/Senior Lecturship in Human Geography – The University of Edinburgh. Deadline: 3 February 2020

·    Lecturer in Politics – University of Manchester. Deadline: 6 February 2020

·    Assistant Professor in Human Geography – the London School of Economics (LSE). Deadline: 16 February 2020

·    Research Associate – The Loughborough University. Deadline: 16 February 2020

·    Professor in economy – the Université Paris Nanterre. Deadline: 20 February 2020

·    Deputy Director – Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities (CFE), OECD. Deadline: 25 February 2020

·    Funded PhD Project – UCL STEaPP London. Deadline: 28 February 2020


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