Important Message from André Torre regarding the ERSA Congress Bolzano

Important Message from André Torre regarding the ERSA Congress Bolzano
Dear colleagues, members of the ERSAC,

Regarding the extremely difficult conditions and the huge uncertainties for this Fall, we propose, in agreement with the local organizers and the AISRe President Roberta Capello, to postpone the 2020 ERSA Congress of Bolzano to 2021.

It appears extremely risky to hold the Congress for various reasons, including the unpredictable health conditions,  the high uncertainty about transport and transport authorizations at this period, the uncertain possibility to open the University rooms and the Public spaces, and the willingness of people to participate.

We have decided as well, with the help of the Local Organising Committee, to prepare an online event at the same period, late August. The event may not be the full Congress as foreseen. We are exploring the technical possibilities with the ERSA Office. Thanks in advance to Andrea Omizzolo, Thomas Streifeneder and the local colleagues for exploring with us what we can propose as an online event. With the very kind willingness of the organizers of the Pecs Congress, we will also postpone this event to 2022. Thanks to them for their reactivity and their flexibility.

Let me also inform you that we have decided to maintain the ERSA Summer School of Sion, in June, and transform it into a virtual Summer School with the agreement of the University of Lausanne. Many thanks to Leila Kebir and the local colleagues for their commitment and intense work in these difficult and totally unexpected conditions.

The ERSA team is at work and we are mobilizing all our efforts to face this new situation

If you have remarks or advices to transmit to us please do them in the upcoming days, because we want soon to communicate to the submitters about their acceptance and their possible interest in an online event.

Many thanks in advance

Best regards

André TORRE, President of ERSA, on behalf of the ERSA board