ERSA Monthly E-news – August 2021

ERSA Monthly E-news – August 2021
1 September 2021 – Nr 7
Dear Members of ERSA, dear Colleagues,
The 60th Ersa Congress concluded last Friday. This year’s first online edition resulted in an acknowledged success with over 840 participants from all over Europe and beyond, and more than 700 presentations.
For all participants, the replay of the sessions will be available on the virtual platform by the end of next week.
The new academic year is about to start, and I would like to wish you all success with your upcoming activities or projects 2021-2022!
ERSA agenda as well as our sections’ agendas will continue to be very rich and attractive in the coming weeks and months, showing the great dynamism and the resilience of our community.
I will be really happy to share with you this year’s new events and to work together for the promotion of Regional Science.
With best wishes
André Torre
ERSA President
Internal news
In Memoriam
Professor Åke E. Andersson passed away on 14 August 2021, at the age of 85. Our thoughts go to his family, friends and colleagues.
Åke’s research focused on regional development, especially the importance of economies of scale and interdependencies between firms, households and other actors.
Åke was an intellectual giant also internationally and a centre of gravity in regional science in all continents.
In 2005 professor Andersson received the European Prize in Regional Science during the 45th ERSA Congress in Amsterdam.
#ersa2021 – recently concluded
A big thank you
to all the Keynote Speakers, Roundtables’ panelists and all presenters. With your contributions you made this Congress a success!
Photo: Day 4, ERSA Twitter #ersa2021
> Stay tuned for the review of our landmark event next week!
Upcoming on ERSA Agenda
In this content-rich workshop, high-level speakers will engage in an evidence-based debate on what Next Generation EU can learn from Cohesion Policy to support a digital, green and inclusive recovery in all EU regions.
Don’t miss this very promising debate!
Registration is free of charge.
Join us at #EURegionsWeek!
We are happy to invite you to the following programme with RSA, ERSA and AESOP as partners:
#EURegionsWeekUniversity- An outstanding programme including 10 sessions with proven scholars in the field of regional science
#EURegionsWeekCollege – 4 Sessions dedicated to young researchers interested in Cohesion policy
Don’t miss this chance to be part of it!
Registration is free of charge.
4th ERSA Winter School
Applied quantitative methods in Regional Science
13-18 February 2022, Warsaw, Poland
Save the date
Call for application start: 15 September 2021
Upcoming on ERSA Sections Agenda
57th ASRDLF Symposium
Territories and Digitalization: Innovations, mutations and decision
1-3 September 2021, Avignon, France
Italian Section: XLII AISRe Annual Scientific Conference
Territorial challenges in the post-covid era
8-10 September 2021│ONLINE
Portuguese Section: 28th APDR Congress
Green and inclusive transitions in Southern European regions: what can we do better?
16-17 September 2021, Vila Real, Portugal
Romanian Section: XIIIth International Conference
Spatial Planning, Territorial Cohesion and Cooperation in South-East Europe
4-6 November 2021│ONLINE
Abstracts submissions deadline: 19 September 2021
Spanish Section: International Conference on Regional Science
Full cities, empty territories
24-26 November 2021, Madrid, Spain
IV Seminar for New Academic Researchers 2021
30 September-1st October 2021, Zaragoza, Spain
Bulgarian Section: 2021 Annual Conference
Just transition plans and regional resilience in Bulgaria
26-28 November 2021, Bulgaria
Summer School lectures 2021 now available
by Alessandra Faggian (Gran Sasso Institute)
Calls for Publications
Call for papers
Editors: Johannes Hagen, Orsa Kekezi, Ting Zhang
Full paper submission deadline: 1 December 2021
Call for papers
Lívia Madureira, Carlos Peixeira Marques, Giuseppina Cassalia
Full paper submission deadline: 15 October 2021
Looking for opportunities to boost your career?
  • Principal Scientist position for economist focusing on climate change impacts (extension) in Helsinki
Application deadline: 10 September 2021
To Keep up-to-date with all events on the agenda,
visit our upcoming events page on our website.