Post-autistic economics review núm. 44


sanity, humanity and science

post-autistic economics review

Issue no. 44, 9 December 2007

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In this issue:

  • Economics for a warming world ————- download pdf
    Frank Ackerman

  • Climate change, global ethics and the market ————- download pdf
    Jorge Buzaglo

  • The global economy bubble equilibrium ————- download pdf
    Ian Fletcher

  • High finance — a game of risk:
    Subprimes, ninja loans, derivatives and other financial fantasies
    ————- download pdf
    Frederic Lordon

  • Orthodox economic education, ideology and commercial interests:
    Relationships that inhibit poverty alleviation
    ————- download pdf
    James Angresano

  • The U. S. employment effects of military and domestic spending priorities
    Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier ————- download pdf

—- Opinion

  • World too complex for one-size-fits-all models ————- download pdf
    Dani Rodrik

  • What is the right size? ————- download pdf
    Margaret Legum

Margaret Legum , economist, author and anti-apartheid activist 1933–2007

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